As a programmer, I strive to write codes that improve the performance of the overall application. At the beginning of my career last year, I came across this Span<T> type in C# when I’m searching for an efficient way to dealing with string operations such as Substring(), Split(), etc. So, I wanted to share some basic details about it with you.

What is Span<T>?

Span<T> is a new type introduced with C#7.2 and supported in the .NET Core 2.1 runtime.

Span<T > enables the representation of contiguous regions of arbitrary memory, regardless of whether that memory is associated with a managed object, is…

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Recently, I was given a new task to implement a cache for the application that I’m working on. Since I haven’t had any experience in caches I wanted to do some research on the available cache implementations and found this interesting NuGet package called LazyCache.

LazyCache is a simple in-memory caching service. It has a developer-friendly generics based API and provides a thread-safe cache implementation that guarantees to only execute your cachable delegates once. Under the hood it supports Microsoft.Extensions.Caching to provide performance and reliability in heavy load scenarios.

Where should you use LazyCache for?

Before choosing some package, you should go through the documentation or…

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Parsl is a parallel programming library for Python. Using this library you can write functions that execute in parallel and tie them together with dependencies to create workflows. You have to annotate these python functions to achieve concurrent execution. These annotated functions, called “apps” and represent pure Python functions or calls to external applications, which can be sequential, multicore (e.g., CPU, GPU, accelerator), or multi-node MPI.

Apps can be two types:

  1. @python_app — for pure python functions
  2. @bash_app — for external applications

These annotated apps can run parallel when all their inputs are ready. Parsl Apps can exchange data as…

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Machine learning! A big buzz word in the industry and academia as well. Before you dive into machine learning basics you need to know what Artificial intelligence is? Some think these two are the same but it is not.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technique that enables machines to imitate human behavior. For example, Apple Siri and self-driving cars like tesla can be identified. And Machine learning (ML) is a subset of AI. And machine learning (which uses statistical methods) focuses mainly on the designing of the systems thereby allowing them to learn and make predictions based on some experience…

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“Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough” — Charles Dudley Warner

Most of us know we own too much stuff. We all are tired of cleaning, managing, and organizing things. And now we are working from home, it bothers us even more. Most of our rooms are messy or we have to tidy up every single day. The evidence of clutter is all around us.

In America,

  1. Adults throw away more than 68 pounds of clothing every year, and
  2. 20–21% of working Americans say they aren’t saving any money for retirement. …

Hello Everyone!

“My name is Kalpani Ranasinghe and I live in a village called Alawattenna in the Kegalle district. My school was St. Joseph’s Balika Maha Vidyalaya, Kegalle. I graduated from the University of Colombo School of Computing and now I’m a Software Engineer at 99x, one of the reputed product engineering companies in Sri Lanka”.

That is how I introduce myself to someone I first met.

We meet so many new people in our day-to-day life from the day that we were born. …

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to share one of the best experiences I had during 2017 which is “Rails Girls Summer of Code”. I thought it would be better if I can tell you what is RGSoC before sharing my experience since most of us are not familiar with these kinds of opportunities out there in the industry..

RGSoC is very much similar to google summer of code (GSoC). But this is only for all people with non-binary gender identities or who identify as women (transgender or cisgender). You should find a teammate to work with you during the summer…

Hi there!, Last two days I was talking about how to face for a normal face to face interview. Apart from the normal interviews, there are some other types of interviews which are getting popular lately. Let’s identify some of them (most popular ones ) and learn how to face them confidently.

Skype interview.

As the name says, you have to face the interview through Skype.

The trick to facing a Skype interview confidently is treat it just as a real interview even though you’re not doing it in person. If you want to really succeed, then dress up just…

Hi! Yesterday I showed you, how to prepare for an interview. Today I like to add more to it by discussing “how to face the interview confidently”. Let’s start. Be sure that you’ll follow these steps very carefully.

Dress professionally.

First impression matters!! If you want to make a good impression to your interviewers, then you have to start off by dressing professionally. That means you have to spend some money on a business-appropriate outfit (at least one solid interview outfit can really help you land the job of your dreams). …

Hi Everyone! Since I showed you how to write an attractive CV and how to write a cover letter, I thought this time it would be better if I share some important points on facing an interview.

The first thing you have to do before facing an interview is Prepare in Advance. Let’s see how to do that!

Find about the company. 🏢

Kalpani Ranasinghe

Software Engineer @99x

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